plarc: Draw a circular or elliptical arc

plarc (x, y, a, b, angle1, angle2, fill);

Draw a possible filled arc centered at x, y with semimajor axis a and semiminor axis b, starting at angle1 and ending at angle2.

x (PLFLT, input)

X coordinate of arc center.

y (PLFLT, input)

Y coordinate of arc center.

a (PLFLT, input)

Length of the semimajor axis of the arc.

b (PLFLT, input)

Length of the semiminor axis of the arc.

angle1 (PLFLT, input)

Starting angle of the arc.

angle2 (PLFLT, input)

Ending angle of the arc.

fill (PLBOOL, input)

Draw a filled arc.

Redacted form:

This function is used in example 3.