Compilation notes

10.1 Ada 95 Versus Ada 2005

As discussed in Section 6.1, the bindings are made to work with Ada 95 and Ada 2005, but special steps need to be taken in order to access the numerics capabilities of Ada 2005 to the extent that vectors and arrays of the type defined in the Ada Reference Manual Annex G.3 are required to be passed to PLplot routines.

10.2 GNAT Dependence

There is a slight but significant dependence on the GNAT version of Ada. This is discussed more fully in Section 6.2

10.3 PLplot_Auxiliary

The bindings include files and PLplot_Auxiliary.adb. These files are currently used to provide a few convenience subprograms that are used in the examples. However, they are also associated with the above-mentioned facility to easily accommodate acessing the G.3 Annex vector-matrix manipulation facilities. If not for the desire for this easy "switching" ability, the PLplot_Auxiliary package could be removed from the with parts of the other binding files. Even so, it could be still removed with minor modifications to the with portions of the other binding files. But due to the other functions provided therein, they would still need to be referenced by most of the Ada examples.