Overview Over The Most Commonly Used UNIX Software

Please note that some of the links on this page are not ready yet.

Unless noted otherwise, the following programs are installed on the main server math.sut.ac.th only. Most of these programs are from FSF -- the Free Software Foundation -- so they are FREE !


Compilers fall into two basic groups -- The open source GNU compiler suite from the Free Software Foundation (gcc, g77, g++), and commercial products from Intel, SUN and the Portland Group which can be used by only one user at a time.

Development Tools


Editors and Text Processing

Graphing and Image Processing

Internet Applications

Mathematics Applications


To obtain information or help on any of these programs, you have four choices:

  1. Check the manual pages: Type man (program-name) | more.
  2. Use the GNU texinfo program: Type info (program-name) . This works mainly for GNU programs.
  3. Browse the online WWW pages, by opening the location "http://math.sut.ac.th/lab/software/software.html".
  4. Bug your sysop.

Some of these programes have not yet been tested -- Users are encouraged to try and test them, and report any problems to the sysop. If you wish to use X11-programs from your remote X11-server, contact your sysop for proper set-up.

Any comments ? Send email to sysop@math.sut.ac.th