Information for Users of the Microsoft Windows Workstations

All the PCs in the Mathematics Lab run Windows 95 by default. Some also run Windows NT.

Files on the PC

Users can keep their files at the following locations:
  1. Drive "H:" (Icon "My files on"). This is really the user's subdirectory "/home/username/.msdos" on the server "". Drive H: can also be accessed by typing "\\math\msdos_home". Usually, the personal DOS/Windows files reside on drive H:
  2. Drive "J:". This is really the user's home directory "/home/username" on the server "". Drive J: can also be accessed by typing "\\math\unix_home". Uusally, the personal Unix files reside on drive J:
It is recommended that users leave their DOS/Windows files on drive H: (i.e. on "") because they are safest there: Please DO NOT store yur personal files on the PCs (drive C: or D:). PCs have limited disk space, and a cluttered hatrd disk may lead to system crashes. Furthermore, your files on a PC can be erased at any time by others !

Logging onto a PC

The Windows XP login screen contains three fields.
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